Downgrade your Iphone (3gs) for Issue No.1

Since Issue Number 1 happends because of upgrading your Iphone, the logical step is to downgrade or return back to the last system you use which works well. Unlick, microsoft or windows it has an option to "system restore" which you can choose a restore point on which your system last time works fine.

In Iphone softwares it is not as easy as just changing or resetting to return to the default system. In you Iphone Settings and Generals tab you can find to restore or return to the default settings menu. This works on your iphone but its function is to restor profile or standard settings functions of your iphone only, and not restoring its previous OS or IOS and it will not downgrade your baseband. Baseband is a modem firmware use by iphone to connect to your telecom operators, however other new OS cannot work on old firmwares since its basband is high so you need to downgrade you OS.

There are 2 ways to downgrade your Iphone:

1) You can use your standard itunes to downgrade, by just connecting your cable from your iphone and wait to synchronize. On the menu there is an option to upgrade iphone and synchronize (of course you will not do it), and the other option is to restore (return to default settings).

Before you choose to restore make sure you downloaded the previous ".ipsw" version of your phone, or which version you remember it works well. You can get all .ipsw version by searching in Google or go to iphone website and search ipsw. The examples of ipsw versions are "60.ipsw, 4.1.ipsw, 6.1.ipsw, 6.1.3.ipsw...etc.)

Download the ipsw of your choice and save it to your most secured folder of your pc. You might notice that when you download the ipsw files, some website offer this or converts into ".zip" files. Don't worry, website made this to lessen the size of the ipsw.., Just download even if it is zip files.

After downloading ipsw zip file, you can just remain its extension name from .zip to .ipsw so to be recognizable in itunes.

When download completes, you can now open your itunes and wait to finish its synchronization or settings ups,  in order to restore to old ipsw version, just pres "shift + click" the settings restore to default or return to default settings. This will let the browser open and you can choose your downoaded .ipsw. Before you continue make sure that your antivirus software should be unabled and should be marked as not live, this is to avoid errors while you are restoring.

After choosing your previous .ipsw, now it would install be itself and may ask you to back up and restore, it might let your phone restart for 2 times.

The issue of "No Service, Searching..." should be solve if you have upgraded the open line Iphone.

Fixed Iphone 3gs No Signal, No Service and Searching Issue

Basically due to the upgrade of software made by Apple to iphone, older models of iphone with higher baseband cannot penitrate to get the signal of mobile networks. As what we know is that once we purchase a mobile, we can use it at anyway and at anyplace (which is suppose to be like that). However, due to the upgrade and designs of new hardware it might be unintentional made by iphone (apple co) to do some upgrade on software and might not consider the disturbance function of older iphone models, the result may vary to the user to purchase a new iphone models or downgrade your software.

Marketing strategy can be considered as another cause of malfunctioning mobile that suppose to have a longer life span especially for expensive ones.

The second reason why iphone 3gs users experience this issue "Iphone 3gs No Signal, No Service and Searching Issue" it is because the mobile is locked to a specific network, the solution is to unlocked it.

Either of 2 issues above mentioned can be fixed but needs some experties or some trials/practice in order to achieve the success of unlocking your iphone 3gs or downgrading. In my blog i will show the step by step process to solve to issue. I might be posting at daily basis but just remember the issues:

1. Upgrade Issues - make sure that your iphone 3gs is openline when you purchace long time ago. If it is new and the box is opened in front of you or your are the only person who opened it means that it is an open lined from the seller itself. However, if is used or the open and inserted in a PC chances that is is locked and they just unlocked it.

During your upgrade to the versions from 5.0 til 6.1.3 the chances of loosing your network is at high since the software baseband of iphone 3gs after before week 48 of 2011 cannot penitrate to have its upgraded software, however, some iphone 3gs that has been manufacture after week 48 of 2011 can work normally but cannot be jailbroken after sometime. For iphone 3gs manufacture before week 48 of 2011 you can downgrade your software version of baseband as well using legal way or illegal way. I will show the advantages and disadvantages of both options in my later post.

Free to Air Satellite TV

Digital Satellite TV and High Definition or HD Video is a perfect combination for home entertainment. Year 2000 started with a lot of digital video format that have been introduced for both software and television receivers, it looked as if DVD would be the video standard far into the future. Moreover, some countries like Europe an China have adopted some video codec or open source videos (MP4, Avi, Mpg .., etc) formats and somewhat these violates the non-interoperable analog television broadcasting.

As time moves with state of the art technologies, Digital HD Satellite Service is the assumed initial expansion of (DSS) digital satellite television transmission used by Direct TV. “Direct TV” or Direct Television Broadcasting is the broadcast satellite service dish tv in United States that transmits digital satellite television and some audio/radio. Europe and Eastern Countries have so much more to mention with free satellite tv (hotbird, arabsat, nilsat, agila etc..) digital satellites that transmits high definition pictures.

Consumers who purchased digital receiver equipment subscribed to various packages of digital satellite providers or company broadcast distributor programming for which the subscriber pays a monthly fee. A subscriber also can order pay per view events and movies like boxing events or additional channels with high definition. Digital Company Distributors contract pays program providers such as motion picture distributors, sports leagues, cable networks, event promoters, and other programming rights holders, for the right to distribute their programming to its subscribers. All programming distributed by direct satellite company is delivered to its broadcast centre locations, where it is then digitized and compressed. The resulting signal is encrypted, or electronically scrambled, by direct satellite tv company to prevent its unauthorized reception, then it will be transmitted with signals to several satellites located in the orbit.

Today, most digital satellite company use digital video broadcasting or the so called DVB-S2, it is the improved specification of DVBS which was developed last 2003, the development of DVBS2 simultaneously happened with the development of HDTV or digital hd which is the recent ideal high definition video compression.

HD or high definition videos are always introduced in plasma tv’s and dvd players. The prices of these products are much more than the normal TVs and DVDs. With digital hd ready device it will work perfectly, and plasma HD satellite tv would absolutely result good quality pictures with digital hd. Direct Satellite or satellite television providers also show its HD viewing capability on PC, pc to tv viewing are available at any free streaming sites, and you can see some limited shows but without digital HD quality. Satellite viewing is offered on PC with hd tuner but application software should be installed. Software for HD viewing on pc was introduced in late of 2008 which was satellite direct. Satellite Direct Application a software that offers HD – High Definition and free satellite tv channels all over the world as mentioned only for one time pay and you can have it lifetime. There are a lot of application software that have been develop as an HD tuner and channel streaming but it does not guarantee long term offers.

There are thousand of channels to choose from in satellite tv with regards to any Broadcast satellite services, consumers received this signals thru their satellite dish or so called dish tv and the signal will then be compiled by the receiver and produce the pictures connected to the TV. When it comes to free channels, some regions in US and Europe offers public and informative channels. Broadcast satellite service company with monthly fees offers good quality digital HD Movies and Channels, so it means that if you are having an digital HD ready TV or PC to tv it will work perfectly.

The Best thing in Direct Satellite HD TV is the total satisfaction of Cinema viewing, it would be a lot more better if films can be downloaded like a tv on computer. For the people in the remote areas, free satellite is valuable. Thousands of channels in cooperation of different countries are being broadcast seven days a week in 24 hours it would be more likely as cable channels in other asian countries. With free satellite tv access there is no more to ask for.

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